Franz Hero und Karl Odermatt, Team Form AG, Schweiz

COR, Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Vintage COR TRIO sectional Sofa – Giant modular Livingscape. Designed 1973 by Franz Hero and Karl Odermatt, Team Form AG, Schwitzerland. The Sofa is upholstered in its original sand colored teddy fabric. All sections of the sofa can be arranged at your will. Even the backrests can be positioned freely. The backrests feature a certain fabric underneath that prevents slipping. When the backrests are removed, you get a comfy bed/daybed. All seating elements are marked with COR logo at the feet. The whole set features 5 seatelements 95x95cm, H.38cm, 2 seatelements 66X95cm, H. 38 cm, 3 cornerbackrests-elements, 2 backrests 95cm, 1 backrest 66cm. The sofa was professional cleaned but some stains remain. Please see images. This is a vintage sofa from the 70s and shows some use, age and wear. Foam is good. Non-smoking Object.