KENGU Seatgroup 3 Chairs and Sofa in brown Leather by Solheim für Rykken, Norway

Elsa and Nordahl Solheim
Rybo Rykken & co. Norway

Loungegroup / Seatgroup KENGU by Elsa and Nordahl Solheim. Manufactured by Rybo Rykken & Co. Norway, 70s. Seatgroup consits of a 3seater Sofa and 2 Highbackchairs and a Easychair. Upholstered in original Brown / caramell leather. Cantilevered construction in wood with canvas and leather. Very comfortable. Good used condition. Measurements: Sofa: width: 195cm, height: 80cm, depth: 80cm. Easychair: width: 79cm, height: 80cm, depth: 80cm. Highbackchairs: width: 79cm, height: 99cm, depth: 88cm.